About Us

About This Site

What we offer is something different from any other online gamming hack web sites, we have tested our cheat tools and generators and we continue to do so on a daily basis making sure they are all up to date and ready to add free funds to your online gamming account.

This Site is simply a group of online players that had met in early 2000 and after spending so much time on games and of course money we realised that in this time , it did not matter how much money we spent there were always players far better than us. As a core group of players we could never work out how we kept getting beaten over and over again.

After meeting another online player he opened our eyes to a world we never really new of…As he was explaining to us about his tricks of the trade, we started to understand on why we kept loosing so muuch…

The start Of Creating Hacks Online

Months had gone past, and our contact as a group was getting tighter, one of us mentioned he was doing coding for visual basics and this is were it all started , as players we all put our heads together and created online hacks for games, but this simply wasnt enough. Our minds wanted to create cheats for multiple games and after testing our tools for years and never bieng caught we have now opened the doors for all players to enjoy what we do.

We Now Have Hack Tools For Players

After years of testing we now offer 100% working online hack tools for games, this means you dont have to buy funds “if you dont want to” this also means you can now enjoy the game you love to play and use our free tools to become KING.

How To Get The Game Hack

All you need to do is Click “Online Hack” button then fill in your details and click on ‘Generate’ button. It will ask you to verify a quick offer. Click on the ‘Verify now’ button. This will take you to a list of tasks that you need to complete. You can select any one task. Once you have completed the task, the amount of gold and gems… that you selected will be added to your account. It’s that simple!